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Why a Cat Flap Is Crucial During Lockdown

Are you tired of the constant meowing at unreasonable hours because your kitty wants to be let out? Due to COVID-19, the majority of the world’s population has been ordered to stay at home. Top companies from all over the globe are switching to having their employees work at home. And, it seems unprofessional when your cat is continuously asking for your attention during business calls. Cats have a mind of their own and like their freedom to wander around. In this blog post, I will go through a few reasons why a cat flap is more important than ever during this lockdown. Let’s begin

Here’s Why Getting a Cat Flap is a Good Idea!

Now that you’re home for longer than usual, your cat may have started making more demands to go outside. Sometimes, my kitty asks me to let her outside and, as I walk to the door to open it, she’s changed her mind! Cats can be annoying when they don’t get what they want–they keep meowing at you until you do something! And, more often than not, my cat likes to disturb me when I’m working, in a meeting, or sleeping. That, my friends, will change as you get a cat flap installed.

If you have multiple cats in your household, all of them will appreciate the new freedom they have.

Your Cat Can Be In and Out As She Pleases

 Cats have a mind of their own and like their freedom. A cat flap provides just that! Globally, cats have been having a hard time during the lockdown as we’re all home—cats like being by themselves or, as I like to call it, getting some quality me-time. Having people around them all of the time can be stressful. So, for your cat’s sanity, it is a good idea to install a cat flap so that she can come into the house and socialize as she pleases.


Having a cat flap at your home ensures that your kitty gets all the exercise she needs. When she’s outside the house, my cat likes to play with butterflies, chase around bugs, watch what’s going on in the neighborhood, etc. Inside, she likes to take naps, which may not be good for her weight

In Conclusion

I feel that cat flaps are more important during the lockdown than ever–especially if you have a multi-cat or multi-pet household. cat flap fitter in glass and double glazing. installation isn’t easy, and if done wrong, it can damage your doors! So, you should look for professional services like those of Cat Out of Glass to have them installed for you.