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The History of Psychic Dogs

Do you get the sensation you dog has a sixth sense? Before you go and dismiss their potential skills as a product of heightened senses, you’ll wish to know about a few of history’s psychic dogs.

Throughout history, there have been lots of cases of clairvoyant canines. These dogs had the seemingly otherworldly ability to learn things that the average dog, or even human, didn’t. What’s interesting is that the idea of psychic dogs is not really a 21st century idea; records of future-predicting dogs have been around since at least the 1930s.

How he knew that his owner had passed on and was able to make it several miles to a church he previously never gone to helps it be hard to deny that the group of events was just random.

Another unexplainable exemplory case of canine clairvoyance originates from your day that Samantha saved her owner Stephen. The pair had a daily routine of walking to the park that can be played fetch, but one morning on route to the park Samantha suddenly dropped her ball, laid down, and refused to budge.

Perplexed by her behavior, Stephen bent in the pick up the ball to convince her to get going. It had been only then he realized that a manhole cover just feet before them had a hairline crack across it. When he touched the cover gently along with his foot, it completely caved in. Stephen does not have any explanation for how Samantha knew the manhole cover was dangerous, but knows that he owes his life to her.

Although some may still be skeptical about the existence of psychic dogs, the stories collected over the years make a fairly compelling case. If you think that dogs may be able to tell the near future, we predict that you will agree that the theory behind it is pretty cool.

Dogs do amazing things. Anyone who has shared their life with a canine companion will let you know they’re the most compassionate and responsive of creatures, often behaving as if they can read our minds, or involve some sort of extrasensory perception.

Some people believe that’s precisely what they actually have. After all, there are countless tales of dogs who have seemed to foresee the near future, predicting and even averting accidents and disasters.

Then there are pets who have made incredible journeys in order to reunite themselves using their owners. So much of what dogs do is baffling to the idea of being inexplicable. But can they really be Dog Psychic Denver?

Scientists argue that what is apparently a sixth sense is truly a highly increased functioning of the prevailing five.

“Dogs are in some other sensory world to us,” explains clinical animal behaviourist Rosie Barclay. “While we perceive the world all around us generally in visual terms, their world is one of scent and hearing.”

Dogs’ hearing is just about four times stronger than ours: they can register sounds on frequencies that humans can’t get started to find and, if we can hear something 20 feet away, your dog can hear it 80 feet away. With ears that can revolve like satellite dishes, also, they are better equipped to discern which direction a sound is via.

They can literally hear a pin drop.

But a dog’s hearing is nothing in comparison to its sense of smell. As the canine brain is merely one tenth the size of a human’s, the part that processes smells is 40 times larger. Even though we certainly have only five million scent glands, dogs have up to 300 million, with regards to the breed.

That’s how dogs accomplish feats of perception that seem to be almost supernatural to our human eyes. It is also why they can be so beneficial to the forces of law and order, using their ability to identify bits of explosive the size of a pinhead or tiny the different parts of mobile phones which may have been smuggled into prison.

A lot more impressive is the type of information your dog can sniff out for itself. “Merely by scenting another dog’s urine, a dog can establish all sorts of information: how old it is, what sex, whether they’ve met,” explains Rosie.

“Whenever a dog is out each day and sniffs mid-air it can literally tell what’s passed, what’s present, and what’s coming into its environment.”

So dogs can really see into the future – even if only a brief distance. They can also tell what the weather can do, since they’ll register a slight change in barometric pressure that we humans are blissfully unacquainted with.

But it’s not only their incredibly heightened senses that help dogs amaze their owners. “Dogs have evolved with us over a large number of years and are pretty smart at picking right up on the littlest of clues,” explains Rosie.

And while not quite in the Sherlock holmes class, their deductive powers are pretty smart. “For instance, if you often put lipstick on prior to going out,” adds rosie, “your dog will know you are going to leave when that make-up drawer is opened.”

When you have pets, you might have wondered if they really know what you’re thinking. Perhaps your cat hides when you begin traveling to the vet. Or possibly your pet runs in circles when you see going out to play. Both these events can have logical explanations. Your cat may have heard you pull the carrier from the shelf; your dog will need to have seen you look into a well liked ball.

But pet psychics, also called animal intuitives or animal communicators, would clarify these events just a little differently. According to many pet psychics, you talk to your pets telepathically on a regular basis, without even knowing it. Your cat hides and your dog gets prepared to play because of signals you send with your brain, not because of your actions.

Pet psychics declare that they may take that one step further. They intentionally use their minds to talk to animals. Some psychics claim to talk to wildlife, but many focus mainly on pets. They speak to owners, whom they often times refer to as human companions, by phone or personally. For the fee, then they relay telepathic messages to and from pets. The pets don’t have even to be present — often, psychics use photographs or descriptions to make contact.

Sometimes, people just want to check on together with their pets. But many people seek the advice of pet psychics for a particular reason, such as:

Your pet is lost, and its owner wants to determine where it is or encourage it to return home. (Not all pet psychics take missing pet cases.)
Your pet is behaving inappropriately, and its own owner wants to determine why and get it to stop.
Your pet is very sick or badly injured, and its owner is wanting to decide whether to have it euthanized.
Your pet has died, and the dog owner wants to get hold of the pet’s spirit. (Only some pet psychics will become mediums for deceased pets.)
This sort of animal communication is a paranormal phenomenon. From the blend of telepathy and clairvoyance, that are varieties of extrasensory perception (ESP). Most pet psychics make clear it in conditions of energy.