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Solutions for Removing Pet Odor guide

In case your home has pet odor problems, you’re in for one of the toughest odor removal projects that you can buy. That doesn’t mean you should quit hope. It just means that depending on the nature of the odor, and the material, this isn’t going to be an easy task.

General Pet Odor Removal
When the extent of your pet odor problem is just an over-all pet smell (not urine), you’ve just encountered a best-case-scenario as it pertains to pet odor removal. It’s not pleasant, and it’s still going to take some work to eliminate the odor from your home, but there are a variety of pet odor removal solutions out there to benefit from. Visit:

Clean, Clean, Clean
The first step is the most obvious. Clean any affected areas as thoroughly as is feasible. That doesn’t mean an instant vacuum or running over your hardwood with a Swiffer. Pet odor removal is only effective if you give damaged areas a good, deep cleaning. Scrub and mop hard surfaces as thoroughly as it can be, and think about by using a vinegar or baking soda solution as you do so. Both are rumored to work wonders as it pertains to removing pet smells. And when you’re dealing with pet odor removal from carpeting, hire a specialist. Make certain they use the warm water extraction method (also known as “steam cleaning”), since it offers the deepest clean, and have if indeed they use a truck mounted unit. These units do a much better job to getting into the carpet pile, where much of your pet smell resides, than other professional carpet cleaning techniques, or any homeowner operated unit you can rent.

If YOUR HOUSE Smells Like Greater than a Wet Dog . . .
If your specific issue is wanting to eliminate pet urine odor, you’re set for another treat altogether. Pet urine odor is one of the very most difficult smells to remove from any surface, and sometimes requires you remove the flooring altogether, and replace it, if none of the less substantial solutions do just fine. Still, it could be done. Here’s how.

Use an Enzymatic Based Pet Urine Removal Solution
About really the only proven way to remove the smell of pet urine from your flooring is to acquire an enzymatic based cleaner from your neighborhood pet supply store. Don’t use this like carpet shampoo, however.

You will need to soak the influenced area thoroughly, and allow the solution quite a while to dry, whether you have carpet, wood floors, or masonry flooring. No fans or open windows are needed here. Actually, it’s smart to place a bit of cardboard in the influenced area to slow down evaporation. The solution works to consume away at the natural enzymes that are triggering the odor to begin with, plus they need time and energy to do their work. If in the end this, you’ve kept pet odor problems, you’re going to need to use more drastic actions. With carpeting, you’ll probably need to displace it. And when your pet urine has made it into the subfloor, you might have to replace that as well. The same goes for wood flooring. It’s rather a timely, and costly, project. But when compared to coping with the smell of pet urine, it’s often worth the difficulty.