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Benefits of Dog Daycare

The business enterprise of “dog care” has evolved tremendously within the last few decades. Dogs have climbed in social status from “animals” we kept in the backyard to full-fledged members of the family with all the benefits of our own children (and sometimes more!). Two decades ago, nobody would have imagined something called “dog daycare,” but it has become mainstream. Nearly every metropolitan area has at least one business catering to all or any the “puppy parents” who need the invaluable service because of their important pooches. But what exactly are the benefits associated with dog daycare and just why should owners invest their hard-earned money into this service? Visit:

Relieves Boredom
Dogs, especially young dogs and puppies, are naturally curious and active. Exactly like kids, if they don’t have an outlet because of this energy, it brings about problems. Dogs left alone during the day, without stimulation, can be bored and anxious, that may manifest into a number of destructive behaviors, such as chewing, excessive barking or howling, potty accidents, shredding carpets and furniture-the list is endless. A quality dog daycare program will offer you healthy activity and stimulation for your pup, which helps alleviate negative behaviors.

Combined with the mental stimulation that dog daycare provides your energetic pup, it also provides essential exercise to keep him/her in top physical condition. Even more than humans, dogs need daily exercise to maintain their fitness, immunity, and general health. Like a bonus, a well-exercised pup is also an improved behaved pup.

It could be very stressful to leave your precious pooch at home all day long while you’re at work. Dog daycare gives owners an outstanding option to provide your pet plenty of safe and healthy fun, exercise and mental stimulation while you’re away. Then, you can enjoy coming home to your very tired and happy pup.

Next to potty training, “socialization” is one of the most critical training necessities in a dog’s life. You’ve likely heard that dogs are “pack” animals-this is true. There is certainly nothing a (well-socialized) dog enjoys more than being with other dogs. So that as much once we enjoy playing and bonding with this dogs, they’ll always get more pleasurable and exercise using their kindred species. Furthermore, the better socialized your pet is, the greater confidence they may have, and the better behaved they may be in a variety of different settings.

Human Attention
I’m certain your pup gets plenty of love and attention while you’re at home, but you will want to extend that human interaction to when you’re away? Bringing your pet to daycare provides not only additional attention for your dog, but also introduces them to new, dog-friendly people in a managed environment. At BratPak, our first requirement for all our staff members is that they must love dogs. We’re all pet owners and understand how important is made for your dog to be in a safe and happy environment while you’re away. It’s also important to notice that your dog won’t be left alone or caged while inside our care.

Dropping your dog off at a quality daycare facility is a much safer option than leaving your pet in a hot garage or in a yard where they might escape. At BratPak, safety is our priority. Our facility is safe from escape and our entire staff is been trained in carefully monitoring the dogs’ behavior and reducing the anxiety that may lead to escape attempts. Obviously, we also take notice of the dogs very closely to ensure reduce the potential for any physical altercations.

Understandably, most people’s top concern with taking their dog to daycare is the cost. Surprisingly, for all your benefits you get, it’s surprisingly affordable. For example, at BratPak our daily rates range between less than $16 and up to $40, offering both a half- and full-day option.

Flexible Schedule
Our daycare clients range from those who check us out 6-7 times weekly, to those who fall off their dog on Saturday for simply a few hours while they go shopping or their kids play soccer. At BratPak, we’re open 7 days a week and provide both half- and full-day schedules. For even more convenience, no reservations are essential!

Reduces Separation Anxiety
My first introduction to doggy daycare occurred whenever a rescued an extremely anxious young German Shepherd. While working full-time, I wasn’t in a position to give him the exercise and attention he needed during the day to combat his extreme separation anxiety. After some research, I came across an area dog daycare where he could go 5 days weekly while I was at the job. He was ecstatic to look each morning while i dropped him off, and exhausted each evening while i picked him up. Perfect!

Improved Behavior
Saving the best benefit for last, a steady dog daycare routine shows to significantly reduce negative behaviors from your pet. You may have heard the expression, “A tired dog is an excellent dog.” This is very true! Maintaining your dog well exercised and mentally stimulated will certainly reduce both boredom and anxiety which will be the leading causes for destructive behavior in the house. This causes a less popular but just as true expression, “A well-behaved dog means a happy owner.”